To create a new user of MatchPoint you can go to System /  Users and rights / Users

Once there, you will see a list of your current users. Press  to create a new user.

Username: the name the agent will use to enter the system

Password: the password we want to set for the user

Group: will be admin group by default but we can select a different group with different rights (to create a group with different rights go to System / Users and rights / user groups)

Name: the real name of the user not the username (can be the same)

Homepage: This is the default screen the software will show when the user access the system

Center: If we have more than one we can assign the user to a specific center

Cashbox: the same as the center, if we have more than one we can asign the user to a specific cashbox

Then we have a few more options to select. Make sure the "Active" check-box is selected so that the user can access the system.