They are aimed at all those players who wish to start practicing or improving their current level of tennis.

For this we created this module of school, in which when enrolling the student in a certain period of time can evolve in the sport.

We have the start and end dates of the course (usually school calendar) and the start and end date of enrollment.

The periodicity of the payment is marked when we create the school. Indicating if it is Annual, Monthly payment or we make periodic charges Quarterly.

The calculation of the quotas we can do also in function of the days per week that attends class or Hours per week, per class ...We will also indicate the description that we want to get out in the enrollment, the billing series ....

The next step will be to introduce the different groups that will have the school, prices, levels, Dtos. Special, If we want to generate an access pass to the facilities. When enrolling the student is created automatically.

Let us explain step by step the different sections.


In the we will define the different groups of the school, according to the needs. Weekend shift, mornings, afternoons, or other ...If you want more detailed information about the groups click HERE for more information


In the we will configure, the prices according to the days that they attend and they are pointed out and the forms of payment.If you want more detailed information about the groups click HERE for more information

The Offers / Discounts we want to add are managed in that section. In which we will put the type of dto and its corresponding percentage.

The section Students, we can generate the enrollments or from the client's own tab, allows you to filter to get some specific information and even allows you to send notifications to the students enrolled. 

In the enrollment, you select the student, enter the name of the school to enroll, the group, level and if you have any application.