When you start the program the first thing you'll see is today's booking grid , so that you can see the planning for today with all the bookings and their status.

You can see the details of the booking sliding the mouse over it or clicking on it. Also you can review bookings from any day by choosing the date you want from the calendar.

 The main screen as you can see it's divided in different parts. At the top right you have the main menu and under it you will see on the right, the quick access buttons and on the left the user you're logged on with and a button to close the session.


Main Menu

On this menu you have the more relevant areas of the software. Each area has a drop down menu with all the different sections it contains. To access to any section simply click on it.

Quick access buttons

Here you have a few buttons to access the most common actions you'll need while you use the software.

 Calendar: Here you can create, modify or delete entries from the calendar. It works like a task list.

 Calendar entry: Click on this button to create directly a new entry in the calendar.

 Booking grid: Quickly access the booking grid while in any other section of the software.

 New customer: Here you can create a new customer.

 New membership: Click on here to create a new membership for an existing customer.

 Find customers: Quick customer search.

 Find membership: Quick membership search.

New access pass/voucher: Sell an access pass/voucher to the centre.

 Sell voucher: Sell a new voucher for any service your center offers, such as bookings, activities or coaching sessions.

 Discounting use: From here you can redeem usage from a voucher.

 POS: Access to the Point of sale.

 New receipt:  Here you can create a new receipt for any service.

 Top up: You can top up a client's account here.

 Find user: Pressing this button you can look for a user with his/her identity card.

 Cash Register daily log: You can see all the movements made on the cash register today and also register an in/out cash.

 Open up cash register: Cash register opening entry.

 Close out cash register: Cash register closing entry.

Working area

In many places on the software you'll have lists with information where you can search. To search for something type what you're looking for and press on the magnifying glass or the Intro key.

Usually you'll find a green arrow pointing down next to . If you press the green arrow it will show you options to filter the results of your search.

In some cases you'll find the Edit icon  that you can use to access to the edit mode of the element and make changes or the delete button to delete the element.

Also in these areas where you have lists of items, you'll find a few blue buttons at the top of the list to complete some actions related to the information you're looking at.

These are the most common you'll find:

This button creates a new item, if the list has customers you can create a new customer with this button. If the list has receipts, you will create a new receipt...

If you make any changes on the filter options of the list, or add something, press this button and you'll see the updated list.

You can print or export the list of items to different platforms like pdf, excel, word etc.

Directly export to excel the list of items with all the info.

Send a text message to all the people on the list (you need to had set up a sms sender to use this)

Send an email to all the people on the list (you need to have set up an email account to use this feature)


We will see the same structure in most of the areas of the software. We have the information screens like the one above, and configuration and edit screens like the one below.

The edit/configuration screens usually have a main left menu and some tabs to separate the information within each menu button. Also few grey button below to perform generic commands to the whole item we are configuring.