In order to differentiate the price of the reservations depending on the time or the day of the week we access Costumers → General Rates → Bookings




Locate the appropriate rate and click on the "Edit" button. If we do not know which rate to choose, remember that in each track the rate applied always appears.



When we are within the rate, we will go to the "Prices" option. As you can see in the picture, within the same rate you can have different prices coexisting. These prices are usually distinguished by different reasons: duration, modality or in this case, the conditions of the customer.

The system will apply all possible prices for a customer, the one that is more economical for the reservation that is being assessed, except for the prices marked as priority that are applied before the rest.


We create the new price and we put a name that indicates to us that this price is special or of application to a certain group of customers. We will also fill in if we want it to have a validity period or not. Enter the amount that we want this rate, the VAT rate ... etc.

Once created, in the tab we will go to the option "Conditions" in the menu on the left, and click on the "New" button to create a new condition.

Within this window we can select different options to create different conditions.

→ Age wich to apply the price: we will fill this option if we want a condition between ages, for example between 20 and 30 years.

→ Years of birth to those who apply the price: practically the same as the previous condition, but here delimited by years, such as between 1980 and 2000.

→ Costumer: In case we want the condition to be only for a specific customer, we will introduce the client's name here.

→ Type of client: If the condition we want to apply to a specific type of Client, such as Federated, Veterans, Students...

→ Group: If the condition we want to apply to a specific Group of Client, such as Employees, Retirees, Sponsors...

→ Membership: If the condition we want to apply to some type of existing allowance, for example apply the condition to those who 

have morning allowance.

→ Campus: If the condition we want to apply to a specific school or to all schools.

The conditions are divided into two options (the first drop-down):

Apply when conditions are true: To be able to apply this condition, they must fulfill ALL the conditions that mark, with which one is no longer fulfilled, it is no longer valid. For example if I put that the condition is fulfilled if the ages are between 12-15 and that client must be partner, only with that no longer is partner will not be fulfilled.

Don't apply when conditions are true: In order for this condition not to apply, the conditions must be met. Only that ONE condition is met will no longer apply.