To create fixed discounts and additional charges in Schools and campus, we must access Programming -> Schools -> Courses / Schools,

                                                                               our Programming -> Campus -> Campus

e first step to apply the directly discounts :  

Inside the list of schools, selected how school you must include, modify, or create the discount , charges

In the case of a NEW Additional Charges our a NEW Direct discounts, select  NEW :



You have created a new Additional charges as a template under we show you .

Now we need to create the directly discounts, select NEW to create, in the case that you have nothing create, select edit to verify our change. 

Below we have an exemplar of directly discount that you want change or just verify : You must select EDIT to open, in the end of changement put  UPDate

Below is an exemplar of a direct discount, that you want to create: Select NEW to create, and after insert the information put UPdate.

The view of register that you can see where you must apply the discount and additional charges :