How to rectify a customer's balance/creditThe customers can share their credit if they want to. If you are asked to do so, you can go to Customers -> Customers

Find the customer that is sharing his/her balance on the list.

Then click on  to access the client's file.

Once there go to "Billing and Collection" on the left menu,  and click on "Balance" tab after that.

Then you have the option "Transfer Balance" to transfer part of the customer balance to another customer. When you click on the button you'll see the next window.

Click on the magnifying glass next to the Destination Register to get the customer's list and find the customer that will get the credit transfer.

Click on the icon once you find the customer.

Then the name of the customer will appear on the "Register Destination" section, so you'll have the client sharing his/her balance on "Origin register" and the customer that will get the credit on the "Destination Register".

The last thing to do is enter the amount and click on the "Transfer" button.

If you need to make changes in a customer's balance, here's how to do it --->  How to rectify a customer's balance/credit