In order to publish schools and campuses on the web we will go to Planning → Sport school → Courses / Schools

We will open a window with all available schools, we will edit by clicking on the "edit" button (as shown in the image), which we want to publish.

Once inside the course tab, we will go to the "General" option in the menu on the left, and we will have to keep in mind that the school has a name and a brief description.

Then we will go to the "Additional Data" option in the left menu, it is the last option in the list, in the "Web Information" option in the right window, we must take into account that the options "Web Visible" and "Display details in Web" must be enabled.

Regarding the option of "Web Preinscriptions" we will only have to take into account the first two sections of the URL's, as we will need later.

Now, we will go to Website & Networks → Web design → Website Management:

From here we will edit the portal that we want, clicking on the "Edit" button.

We will go to the "Pages" option of the left menu, and we will see in the window on the right all the pages that we have available, we will edit the page in which we want the schools to appear.

Once inside the tab of the schools, we will go to "Sections" in the menu on the left, and we will create a new section.

When creating the new section we must take into account the title we want to put it is what we will see on the web, the type: "List of Courses with Image", if we want it to be shown or not, in this case if we want to be Show, and the last option that puts "Number of records", will show the number of schools we introduce you.

When we click on the refresh button in the previous window, we will go to our web page, the option of "Schools" (which is the page we have chosen for the courses to appear), and we will see how the list of All schools.