When we want to schedule a reservation that is repeated for weeks or months we have two options. Schedule a simple reservation, or create a seasonal reservation. The difference is that simple reserves are paid when the center decides, the debt is added to the customer and can be paid when the use is made for example. While the seasonal reserve must be fully paid at the time of making it.

  - To make a reservation, access the Reservation box, from the quick access bar by pressing the buttonblob1476431325580.pngor from


Select the time and track that we want to book by clicking and dragging and click on "Booking" in the menu that appears.


We make the reservation in the usual way.

Once done, when accessing it we will see a button at the bottom to perform the programming:


When accessing the schedule we have the option to select when the schedule will start and end, and if we want to reserve daily, weekly or monthly, the day the reservation is made and where these reservations will be made:

If we do a daily or weekly schedule it is possible that some of the next dates that we want to book are no longer available, in that case we will receive a message like the following:


Then a screen appears to confirm the reservations and we can confirm, cancel all or delete the red tick that we do not want.

Once scheduled and depending on whether we have selected daily, weekly or monthly will appear on the client's debt due to the reservations made.

  This icon identifies us as a scheduled booking.

- To make a Season Booking we accede to the table of reservations as in the previous option and we select the track and the time, selecting this time in the box the option Season Booking:


The following table appears for programming, where we select the client by searching with the magnifying glass, the track (which will already appear the one we selected above), the modality, the start and end dates of the season reservation, the schedule we will use, and Lastly it will be weekly or monthly.


We give you a price calculation and you will get a notice if not all the dates are available, and when accepting, all reservations that will be added to the client:


If we want to cancel some, we can erase it by clicking on the red arrow. We can also apply a discount if we want.
Pressing on confirm will reserve all the dates indicated automatically and will appear in the tab of the client, in the Schedule tab.