To create direct discounts at the school we must access to:

Planning → Sport school → Courses/Schools.

Here we will see the list of schools or courses that we have created. Click the icon   in the school where we want to create a direct discount:

Once we have entered we will go to the section Sale/Discount.

From here we can create new discounts by clicking the icon "New" and we will see a window like the following:

As we see, here we must enter the name of the discount, the discount rate either fixed, percentage or none and the value of the discount in the tuition in the quota. Once we have entered the data press Update and the new direct discount will be in the list of discounts. We can modify them by clicking the icon or delete them by pressing .

These new direct discounts can be applied later when enrolling students in the school:

As we see, up to two direct discounts can be applied when new students are enrolled.