To create a level swimming school we must access to:

Planning → Sport school → Courses/Schools

We will open the following window with the listings of the Courses and Schools that we have created. If you have not created any, the list will be empty. We can search by name of the school or description, add a course or school by clicking on "New" , edit them with the icon or delete them by .

We will press the "New" button to create a new school.

A window will open with the following options to fill out (we have filled in the swimming school like the image below)

Once we have all the data filled, click on the "Update" button.

As we see, there are several sections to continue with the creation of the new school.

In the section General we will see the basic data of the school that we have introduced previously.

To continue with the creation of our school as we want one of swimming by levels we will go to the section of Levels
This will serve to have different levels within each particular group.
In case we want for example the Group of Children and Adults and within each of them the level of Initiation, medium, advanced ... etc.

Now we will go to the Groups section and create a new groups for the school. In each one can be established different schedules, prices, etc ... To do this, we will click on the icon "New":

Here we must indicate the name of the group, the maximum total capacity, if restricted by age, by the level of students, the maximum number of students per class, days for classes and the amount payable to the monitor per hour. When we have entered the data for the creation of the group press Update.

Once the groups of the school have been created we will see them as follows:

We can edit the created groups by clicking the iconAnd eliminate them through. By pressing the icon We will see the schedules of the group through a chart or a list.

From the List tab, select the day in which we want to enter the class schedule and enter it manually, also select which monitor to teach the class, where to do the classes and if there is a second monitor is also selected. Finally, the amount to be paid to the monitor per hour is specified and you click Insert.

Once we have entered the hours we click insert and we can see both in the list and in the box. From the Listing you can modify the timetables created by pressingor delete by pressing.

From the Table we can also edit or delete schedules by clicking on them: