To create groups within a school we will go to Programming -> Schools -> Courses / Schools.

Here we will see the list of schools or courses that we have created. Let's click the iconnext to the school that we want to modify.

Once we are in the schools' file, we will enter the Groups section:

From here we can create new groups by pressing the icon, modify the groups already created by pressing

or delete them by .

When we clickwe will see the following window:

here we can determine if the group is active and if it can be seen on our website. We can also establish a name for the group, its total capacity, any age restriction, if it is allowed to split the first payment and the level of its participants. Furthermore, we can establish if it is mandatory to select the time slots when enrolling, the duration of the group (if different from the one of the school), the starting and end date of the payments. Apart from the general capacity of the group, we could further limit the capacity of the classes and allow enrollments even if exceeding the maximum capacity of the group. The last 4 entries will help us to establish how many days the group has classes, on which days, how much do we pay the trainer for an hour of training and if the class is held under federal supervision.