What is the Play! system and what is the difference between a normal court booking?

The Play! system is a match booking system, in which you can limit the game level of the players so they can have a fair game, and also score that games so general rankings can be automatically created with the points earned on that matches. Also and most important, it is design to allow the customers to organise their own matches and have an easy way to find people to play. They can create the matches and wait for people to join, or just join any match on a similar level. How you want to manage this system is entirely up to you as it has many different configurations.

When the players end the game they can decide to score the match to enter in the ranking. Click here to see more info about it.

You can also notify your customers automatically when a new match is available to join. Once someone has created a match he/she will receive a confirmation, and other players on the same level (or similar) can be notified to join the match. For more information about it press here


We should take in count which times we want to have for our matches (8am - 11pm?) and their lenght (60min, 90min, 120min?). Then to see how to configure the courts we're gonna use on the Play! system, and also how to set up the courts on the website showing the schedule we created click here 

A normal court booking can be done just by 1 person but a match needs 4 people, if not enough people has joined during the time you specified, the match will be closed. That option and others are on the system configuration      System --> System configuration --> Booking - Play! --> Play match

In the booking policy we can define what kind of customers has advantage over others regarding the court booking, if there are any. 

System --> Facilities --> Booking Policy

Then on System --> Additionals --> Sports we can configure the game levels we want to use on the matches, and how we would like to set the scores etc.

After all this steps we've taken we should go to the customer's file to configure the game levels of each player so they can participate on the matches.

Remember the price of matches and the payment is exactly the same as the normal court booking.