A global discount can be used in all the services, for example if we want to set up a discount for teenagers, to apply in anything they pay for, you can go to  CLIENTS -> GENERAL RATES -> GLOBAL DISCOUNTS.

Press the New button, set the name of the discount so you can identify it, and add a description if you like. Remember to select the Active Checkbox so the discount can be used. When you're done press Insert.

You'll go back automatically to the previous list and you will see the discount you just created. Click on  and you'll see a left menu with extra options to configure this discount.

Click on To whom does it apply?  and press New to set up the parameters on which the discount will be automatically applied. In this case we can type in the age so anyone between 14 and 18 years old will get the discount.

We can set the discount to apply to a specific customer, a group or type of customers, only to members...

After set the conditions to apply the discount, the last thing to do is set up the actual discount/s that these clients will get. To do so click on the Discounts button on the left menu and once again press New.

You'll see the following screen where you can type in the discount (for example to apply 20%, type 20), and then in which service will be applied this discount.

You can select for example Private classes on the category and then, specify if the discount will be used in all the private classes (clicking on the checkbox) or in a specific type of private class, for example only in Padel lessons, or tennis lessons...or any type of private class you offer.

Once you're done click insert, close the window (if it doesn't automatically close) and press Update. The discount you just created will be applied from now on to the customers and services you've set up.