We keep updating and improving our software. This week is the turn of the Championships.

1. Scheduling Matches

You can now delete and program by groups or phase of the league, instead of having to do it for the whole league at once.

2. You can now personalize the name of each phase

Players will now know at which stage of the championship they are.

3. What about teams joining the league after its start?

The system will now automatically re-draft all the matches, without having to do it manually

4. There are new options when moving a match or marking a no show

If a team does a no show, we can now charge them with a penalty fee and pay back the opponents.

We can now move the match, cancel it or mark it as played.

5. New follow up system for sanctions

We can now control the booked players, when were they booked and the type of sanction.

From the Matches folder, you can now print the minutes of the matches. There are also new filters to control the matches: weekly agenda, all matches, time Schedule and results.